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Kadal is AR Rahman's best album in recent times

Kadal' is AR Rahman's best album in recent times.

Senior film journalist Sreedhar Pillai joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the music composed by AR Rahman for Tamil film 'Kadal'.

Q. Sir, how about Telugu version of 'Kadal' audio, is it already released simultaneously with Tamil? Asked by: M.Z Ahmed
A. I think it will be launched shortly.

Q. Why Rahman takes much time to compose music for movies? He hardly compose 2-3 movies a year, what else keeps him occupied? Asked by: Vinod
A. His international commitments, music school, endorsements etc.
Q. In this digital and I tune generation, will music companies make money from albums? Asked by: VKT
A. Most music companies will stop manufacturing CD, as physical sales are negligible. But they will make money from digital.
Q. AR Rahman always stores best for Mani sir, he's proved it again for 'Kadal'. So what is the basic plot of this movie? Asked by: Zareef Ahmed
A. It looks a love story set in a fishing hamlet in southern most part of India, where also fishermen go out into the sea and disappear!
Q. I heard one song "Nenjukulle", its fresh and pleasent, is Rahman back in form, or this is obvious in Mani and AR combo? Asked by: Vinodkumar Thangaraj
A. Mani & ARR have always given us fresh invigorating music.
Q. Why big directors alone going to AR Rahman to compose music for their film, why not others? Asked by: Kirubakaran
A. Every music director has a certain comfort level with a director that is build over years. A new director may not have that kind of vibes.
Q. Mani & Raja sir had long relationship, like Mani & AR. Will Mani come out of AR and look for fresh and established composer in future? Asked by: VKT
A. For the last 20 years he has been having a musical relationship with ARR, and I think it will continue.
Q. Don't you think Harris Jayaraj has over taken A R Rahman in Tamil industry. Since Rahman is not doing more tamil films. Asked by: Prashanth
A. I don't think so.
Q. Whether the movie will release for pongal or not? Asked by: Kirubakaran
A. 'Kadal' is likely to release only for Valentine weekend (Feb 14) as producers Gemini Film Circuit is having MGR 4 release during Pongal.
Q. Do you really consider ths album from Rahman as his best in his recent time? Because I feel that Rahman's magical touch has gone. Asked by: Magi
A. I definitely think it is ARR's best in recent times, the magic is very much there!
Q. Who according to you is next best to Rahman in Tamil industry? Asked by: Praveen
A. Tamil cinema has a lot of young music directors who are making waves at the moment. All of them are good.
Q. Which song you like the most? Asked by: Kirubakaran
A. My favourite - Eley Keechan & Nenjukkulle followed by Moongil Thottam.
Q. 'Kadal' songs can top in award listing of current year? Asked by: Vinodkumar Thangaraj
A. I think national awards are given depending on year of censorship. If Mani Ratnam censors the film before Dec 31, 2012, yes it can be nominated.
Q. Has 'Kadal' audio rights has been fetched by Sony Music for a higher price than NEP? Asked by: Prasad
A. Nearly three times NEP price. Remember one of the co-producer of Kadal is Gemini Film Circuit who have their own audio company, still they sold it to Sony due to whopping price offered.
Q. I heard 'Kadal' songs. I feel we have lost AR Rahman to the west. What do you think? Asked by: vasantharaj
A. I think 'Kadal' is ARR's best album in recent times. His roots are in Tamil music and his priority will be here.
Q. Do you think 'Kadal' movie will bring a great carrier for Gautham and Thulasi Nair...? Asked by: Kirubakaran
A. Why not? Both are chip of the old block. Gautham's dad Karthik is one of the finest actors, while Radha, Thulasi mom was Heroine number 1 in the 80's. So everything is there for a great career ahead.
Q. Why is that ARR and Mani combination work 100% and that's not the case with other ARR comination..Is that ARR is simply loyal to Mani as a tribute to someone who introduced ARR into Indian cinema? Asked by: Paresh UAE
A. ARR-Mani for me is one of the best combos in Indian cinema like Raj Kapoor -Shankar Jaikishan or Dev Anand - SD/RD Burman's combo. ARR-Mani is perfectly in tune with each other, as Rahman understands what Mani wants 4 his film. ARR-Shankar is also a very successful combo.
Q. Did Rahman compose 'Kadal' songs in Chennai or LA? Is his way of composing songs in abroad, absence of director in studio while composing songs have made his songs not upto the mark or it has no difference? Asked by: VKT
A. From what I have heard Rahman and Mani Ratnam went on a boat ride in coastal Tamil Nadu and got the feel and touch of the tunes. All Kadal songs have been composed in India.
Q. Were you able to make out the story of the 'Kadal' listening to songs (Lyrics). Asked by: Vinodkumar Thangaraj
A. I think the lyrics tell a lot about the love and anguish faced by fisher folks and the influence of the catholic church. Lyrically, 'Kadal' is a beauty thanks to Vairamuthu and his son Madhan Karky.
Q. Can we listen 'Kadal' songs in Hindi (dubbed version or remake)? Asked by: Adhitya
A. As of now the film is releasing only in Tamil and Telugu. I think the film is seeped in local south Tamil Nadu nativity. If it is successful in south may b a Hindi dubbing.
Q. Do you think 'Kadal' has taken the Tamil film music to the next level? Asked by: Sathish
A. 'Kadal' has definitely taken Tamil music 2 the next level. It's vintage Rahman.

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Kadal Falls short to be called AR Rahman`s best

Kadal Falls short to be called AR Rahman`s best  

Film: ‘Kadal’; Music Director: AR Rahman; Singers: AR Rahman, Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam, Abhay Jodhpurkar, Chinmayi, Haricharan Seshadri, Harini, Shakthisree Gopalan, Sid Sriram, Tanvi Shah and Vijay Yesudas; Lyricists: Vairamuthu, Madhan Karky and Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam; Rating: ***1/2

The ‘Kadal’ album has seven tracks, featuring the voices of AR Rahman, Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam, Abhay Jodhpurkar, Chinmayi, Haricharan Seshadri, Harini, Shakthisree Gopalan, Sid Sriram, Tanvi Shah and Vijay Yesudas. While Rahman himself has crooned two songs, the rest of the singers have one song each to their credit.

‘Chithirai Nela’ by Vijay Yesudas is a comforting number to open the album with. Vairamuthu`s emotional lyrics set the mood of the song for a pleasant and elevating listening from the very first minute, while Vijay`s vocal is highly stimulating. The soft baseline of the song leads into heavy thumping percussion beats.

Sid Sriram breathes life into ‘Adiye’, a soulful number heavily influenced by gospel style singing. Sid`s powerful vocal is backed by energetic choir and Rahman`s pick of Indian instruments. Though the song sounds very blue overall, but due to the use of light instruments, the overall mood of the song is very real.

‘Elay keechan’, crooned by AR Rahman, has traces of the original soundtrack from Hollywood movie ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou’. Acoustic guitar drives through the beginning, making the song a dedication to seamen and their lives. One can also feel the effervescent mood of the song throughout, formed by the wonderful collaboration of lyricist Karky, composer and singer Rahman. Rahman`s matchless voice adds a special ring to the song, while the tune is catchy enough to draw some attention.

‘Nenjukkule’ is undoubtedly the best song of the soundtrack. Having been released much before the official audio launch of the film, this song has already caught the attention of one all, including several non-Tamilians. Shakthisree Gopalan`s stunning voice not only makes this song melodious but highly emotional as well. For those who`ve heard the live version of this song on MTV`s ‘Unplugged’, the studio version may or may not impress as one might feel it misses the charm one would`ve found while hearing the live version. The guitar preface perfectly syncs with the backing of heavy percussions.

‘Anbin vaasale’ crooned by Haricharan Seshadri is yet another track in the album with a gospel feel to the overall output. The church choir is perfectly supported by Haricharan`s lead voice that reminds one of the strong lines penned by Madhan Karky.

‘Magudi magudi’, a digitally mastered track is highly energetic and racy, but at the same time, broody. What`s different in this number is, it mixes few dialogues with the song to make it part serious and part catchy. Since most of the song is digitally composed, there isn`t any scope for musical composition.

‘Kadal’ is enjoyable, but isn`t Rahman`s best.

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