Thursday, April 7, 2011

A R Rahman Book Review The Spirit Of Music

A R Rahman Book Review The Spirit Of Music
Nasreen Munni Kabir's book 'A R Rahman-The Spirit Of Music' is an extremely fine biographical piece on one of the finest musical genuises of India. Content Head Broadband Faridoon Shahryar in this exclusive Book Review, analyses what makes this book an important account of the personal and professional life of teh Oscar and Grammy winning Composer. There's a music CD 'Connections' which has come complimentary with the book. All the eight tracks in this CD have been composed by Rahman and you can get to know what makes them an added bonus for Rahman fans. Must watch!

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  1. Dear mister Rahman, your music is awesome. In my country(Suriname,South-America[in the south of this continent])your music is a HIT. YOU HAVE A LOT OF FANS HERE AND i'M OLSO ONE OF THEM.GOD BLESS


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