Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rahman gets Golden Globe nomination for 127 Hours

Rahman gets Golden Globe nomination for '127 Hours'  

New Delhi, Dec 14 (IANS) A.R. Rahman seems to have become a regular at big ticket international awards as the double Oscar-award winning Indian composer has bagged a Golden Globe nomination for Danny Boyle's "127 Hours".

This is the 44-year-old's second stint at Hollywood's second most prestigious annual movie prize after Boyle's Mumbai-based underdog drama "Slumdog Millionaire". 

The Chennai-based composer is competing in the Original Score for a motion picture category with the likes of Alexandre Desplat ("The King's Speech"); Danny Elfman ("Alice in Wonderland"); Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross ("The Social Network") and Hans Zimmer ("Inception"), according to the event's official website.

The soundtrack of "127 Hours" includes the popular song "If I Rise", a collaboration between Rahman and pop star Dido.

Starring "Spider-Man" star James Franco, the movie is a biopic about mountaineer Aron Ralston, who was trapped in a canyon for five days by a boulder that fell on his arm and he freed himself by amputating the limb.


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  1. Great post! I want to see a follow up on this topic.'Jai ho' Rahman.


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